Squishable Sleepy Sheep
Squishable Sleepy Sheep
About the Designer
Darelle C. Hello! I'm a digital artist living in Georgia. I've been pretty obsessed with Squishables for a few years now and I finally thought: "Hey, why not give making one of these a try?" It combines two of the things I love: drawing and Squishables! So here I am hoping to create a cute Squishable of my own :D
Squishable Sleepy Sheep
Last Updated: 12/20/2018
Status: In Process!

...Waiting on prototype
12/20/2018 - Third Prototype
Well, it's been a long time comin', and here it is!!! Still not QUITE there yet, but we are getting closer, indeed!
6/15/2016 - Second Prototype
Here's a different direction for the fur- we like this, too!!!
11/6/15 - First Prototype
Very cute! That fur is unusual, but we kinda like it!
Prototype start: 7/27/2015

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Tell me when it's ready!

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