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Squishable Roly Poly by Heidi D.

Squishable Roly Poly

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Roly Poly

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Artist's Description:

As a child I used to play with "Roly Polies" in my backyard. They are also called "Pill Bugs." The way they scurry on their little legs and roll into a ball when you snatch them up is so adorable. If only they were big enough to hug!

About the Designer:

Heidi D.

I'm a theatre set and props designer with my Bachelors in Art and Design. I'm 29 and have been drawing my whole life, at one point I thought of being an illustrator, but life took me in other directions. Now I draw for fun or if I need to sketch out a design idea.

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