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Squishable Portuguese Man O' War by Holly R.

Squishable Portuguese Man O' War

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Voting is Over

Squishable Portuguese Man O' War

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Artist's Description:

Look out! It's a Jellyfish! A Portuguese Man O' War, to be specific. But wait... he seems far less terrifying up close, maybe even cute? Aww, look at his little gold tooth and eyepatch. He thinks he's a pirate on the high seas, in search of adventure and phytoplankton! How could this not be cute? These creatures are actually comprised of many animals forming one large unit, which separates them from "true" Jellyfish. Their stinging tentacles can reach almost 100 feet in length, but thankfully, this guy's are much shorter and lack the distinctive "nematocysts", or stinging cells that create the painful reaction upon being touched. The Man O' War's distinguishing feature is its beautiful coloration, which is comprised of varying shades of blues and purples. This Man O' War wouldn't hurt a fly and would love nothing more than to join you on your adventures!

About the Designer:

Holly R.

I am an artist with a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Art History and criticism. I love to draw the macabre as well as the cute and cuddly. I draw inspiration from video games as well as movies.

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Talk about this design!
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