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Squishable Venezuelan Poodle Moth by Ethan D.

Squishable Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Venezuelan Poodle Moth

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Artist's Description:

Not nearly as flashy as their butterfly cousins, moths are shy and misunderstood little creatures. Imagine walking outside in Venezuela, and then - boop! One of these fuzzy critters has worked up the courage to land on your shoulder, probably just to say "hola" before fluttering away to hide in embarrassment. Or picture a fluffy boy moth dancing the Venezuelan Joropo when he spots an exceptionally fluffy chica moth in the distance; such cute, much adorbs! After all: más fluffy, más better <3

About the Designer:

Ethan D.

My two friends and I collaborated on this adorable little guy! I came up with the concept and character, my friend Marena designed the critter, and our mutual friend Sarah colored him and made it nice and pretty. We highly enjoyed the whole experience and hope to see our mothy baby fly far!

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