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Fat Giraffe Problems Pillow by Terra B.

Fat Giraffe Problems Pillow

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Voting is Over

Fat Giraffe Problems Pillow

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Artist's Description:

Aww poor giraffe! He just wants some ice cream! He is the true definition of having fat giraffe problems. One of my favorite things to draw are cute tubby animals, and this one is considered one of my favorites! Giraffe round Squishable and a giraffe tubby pillow? What could be a better pair!

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About the Designer:

Terra B.

I'm a young college student currently studying the graphic arts. I've been studying everything from photo editing to cartoon work! One of my passions became drawing cute simplistic critters! I hope to someday fulfill my dream of making these cute creatures for a living. It's a stretch but I still have hopes to do what I love!

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Talk about this design!
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