Cave Dragon Pillow
Cave Dragon Pillow
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OxT A simple hobbyist.
Cave Dragon Pillow
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Saddle up your trusty steed and set out for the frosty plains of Gurgol! Brave the biting winds sweeping down from the ice-bound mountains in the distance! Glory and treasure lie beneath those peaks for the paladin (or paladette) brave enough to complete the journey! Side note: three days in, you will pass a lovely pastry shop run by vegan orcs behind a foreboding bog. Try the strudel!

Anyway, at the foot of Mount Omnidread, you will see a cave entrance flanked with ice-torches burning with a pale blue frozen flame. Once you enter, the gift shop will be on your left. They sell this pillow.

Click here for a close-up of the design!

18x18 inches of something you should probably just order online instead of traveling to the gift shop! Front is soft printed polyester, back is short fuzzy fur! Made in the U.S.A.! Yay! opensquish_pillow_cavedragon_38473 new
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