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Squishable Orchid Mantis by Kenzi H.

Squishable Orchid Mantis

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Orchid Mantis

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Artist's Description:

I absolutely adore the moth squishies, and I want more cute bugs to be available. So, using what I call the "jelly bean" body type, I did my best to translate the real world insect into something I hope everyone would love as much as I do! The orchid mantis is a personal favorite bug of mine and a design of it ought to be in stores, with any luck mine can inspire a great squishy!

About the Designer:

Kenzi H.

Ironically I am a scientist in training and have a bachelor's degree in Biology, but art has been a lifelong hobby of mine. With the world in limbo and me stuck in a waiting game, I find myself drawn to art and have absorbed myself in it. I have only recently started trying to git gud at digital art and squishables' open squish inspired me to seriously design and submit something. I want to design squishies that I personally would want to purchase, and hopefully I won't be the only one.

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