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Squishable Onion by Kelsey K.

Squishable Onion

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Squishable Onion

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Artist's Description:

The Inspiration: I bought my first Squishable (a pineapple) at Bright's Candies in Walla Walla Washington. One thing the city is known for is its rich agriculture, and especially the delicious Walla Walla sweet onion, which is also is the State Vegetable. I noticed Brights Candies didn't carry an onion Squishable, so I searched around online and discovered the Squishable Team hadnt made one yet. This was the inspiration for making the Sprouting Onion design, that along with the fact onions are one of my all time favorite foods! The Design Process: I started with a basic onion shape and selected a yellowish shade to be inline with the Walla Walla sweet onion coloration. I went through a couple iterations on the face, but finally settled on the signature yet adorable Squishable plush face. My friend thought the onion should be crying, but my decision was to keep a smiling onion since it is happy, healthy, and hasnt been sliced up for the cooking pot yet! The roots were kept simplified. When nearing the final version of this design, I wanted to add more color to the onion, so I decided to add cute green sprouts to the top.

About the Designer:

Kelsey K.

Drawing is one of my favorite pass times, and I have been at it since I could pick up a pencil. My preferred art medium is pastels, though I have also created works in pencils and ink. Mostly I draw plants and animals, yet will draw just about anything if I get the inspiration. Here I expand my horizons, and am giving a go at digital art for this submission!

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Talk about this design!
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