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Squishable Numbat by Gen D.

Squishable Numbat

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Voting is Over

Squishable Numbat

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Artist's Description:

Ever wonder if there was an animal a bit like a Fox, but not as vicious? Or perhaps something like a Squirrel, but not as small and something that stayed on the ground all the time? Well, may I introduce to you the Numbat - a colourful, Australian, meat-eating marsupial that fits both descriptions perfectly! Yes, the cute Fox-Squirrel-thing DOES exist (and comes with a handy pouch!), but like most amazing creatures there are not very many of them left. Perhaps with enough fame and recognition they could come back from the brink of not-existing-at-all and be like the Kangaroo, universally loved and too numerous for their own good.

About the Designer:

Gen D.

Im just a young, chicken-crazy woman hoping to one day become an artist. I love the cute and the spooky - especially naughty little ghosts!

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Talk about this design!
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