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Squishable Mummy by Sue S.

Squishable Mummy

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Voting is Over

Squishable Mummy

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Artist's Description:

The movies always portray mummies to be moaning ancient zombies wrapped in toilet paper who angrily chase off those who dare to wake them from their sleep. But the movies have it all wrong. Down in the tombs, things can get pretty lonely, so mummies welcome visitors. Mummies are constantly being confused because people run as they "chase" them when the mummy really just wanted some love! Mummies are constantly looking for hugs! I mean, why else would they walk around with their arms straight out in front of them? Sadly, people always run away from them, due to their appearance. So come show this little guy some love!

About the Designer:

Sue S.

I'm a proud mother of three and I fell in love with Squishables when my daughter first found them online. When we got our first one we decided that was the only one we'd get because they were so big...that didn't last we have eight...oops. Anyway, we love Squishables here at our house and it would be a dream come true if my design got made!

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Talk about this design!
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