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Squishable Rosy Maple Moth by Rayne R.

Squishable Rosy Maple Moth

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Rosy Maple Moth

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Artist's Description:

Behold! The Rosy Maple, with the chance to someday be hugged and squished and loved so much! Don't you just adore those buggy eyes? The Rosy Maple Moth is perhaps one of the cutest and fuzziest of winged bugs out there, and this design was put together with the goal in mind to give Rosy Maple Moth fans just what they've wished for!

About the Designer:

Rayne R.

I LOVE sci-fi, snazzy dressing, smoothies, and summertime! I hope to someday try bubble tea, and start up my very own web comic and put my interest and practice in character design to (hopefully) good use! <3

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