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Squishable Cotton Top Monkey by Senhwa H.

Squishable Cotton Top Monkey

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Cotton Top Monkey

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Artist's Description:

August 1995. I was at the zoo with my grandpa, drinking a soda, when something snatched the soda from my hand. It was a Cotton Top Monkey hanging from a tree. The Cotton Top Monkey is the reason I now avoid drinking sodas at the zoo.

About the Designer:

Senhwa H.

Depending on who you talk to, I’m either known as “The Girl With the Pet Fox” (yes I really do have one) or “The Girl Who Wacked Russell Brand With A Blow-Up TARDIS” (it’s a true story, and I swear it was an accident!). I’m a part time student and a full time day-dreamer, who loves to write stories and draw pictures. I have a squeeful love of all things cute, and a shameless, never-ending stuffed animal collection--or as I like to call it, a collection of Unnecessary Necessities. I firmly believe there could never be enough cuteness in the world; I strive to do my best to contribute!

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