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Squishable White Lion by Alanna A.

Squishable White Lion

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable White Lion

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Artist's Description:

The Li'l White Lion is the most underrated King of the (Other) Jungle. He's always being shown up by his bigger, yellow brothers, and all his life he just wanted to be loved like they are...and now he can! In his new Squishable form, he's hoping to bring his smiling face and full mane to make you happy. Inspired by all those adorable feline characters out there...this Lion is one cool cat. Bring him home and show him he deserves all the love in the jungle!

About the Designer:

Alanna A.

I incorporate personal flair into every piece, drawing from experiences, loved ones, and life itself. I live and create in between the fine and the graphic. I design and I paint, illustrate and render, never settling but always bridging. I create to create, to earn, to expand. It is a passion unlike any other and I want to make sure I am not the only one to experience it.

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