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Squishable Glaucus by Rachel B.

Squishable Glaucus

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Voting is Over

Squishable Glaucus

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Artist's Description:

Known under a variety of names such as sea swallow, blue angel, and blue dragon, this sparkly six-winged sea slug is quite a sight to behold. Floating along happily, it eats venomous creatures it comes across such as the Portuguese Man o' War, adding their stinging cells to its feathery tendrils for its own defense! Squishable Glaucus are okay with just eating jelly sandwiches if you've got any, though.

About the Designer:

Rachel B.

I'm a freelance creature artist who enjoys working in all kinds of media, though digital art is my main focus. Zoology endlessly fascinates me, and I find pretty much all animals to be genuinely adorable in some way or another.

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Talk about this design!
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