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Squishable Jar of Fireflies by Brock M.

Squishable Jar of Fireflies

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Jar of Fireflies

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Artist's Description:

On hot summer evenings, the Fireflies would come out from the trees like tiny twinkling stars, and my little cousin and I would very gently catch them in a Jar so we could watch them glowing up close. Before we headed inside at bedtime, we released our catches back into the woods. But with this Squishable Jar of Fireflies, you can take the summer dusk to bed with you! Let these soft Fireflies light your dreams!

About the Designer:

Brock M.

Brock Marie is a freelance writer and artist. She's spent the last several years designing and sculpting tiny, hand-painted jewelry charms and pendants using polymer clay and acrylic. Hopefully this experience creating three-dimensional sculpture will aid her first attempts in plush design!

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