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Squishable Fairy Pitta Bird by Stephanie S.

Squishable Fairy Pitta Bird

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Voting is Over

Squishable Fairy Pitta Bird

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Artist's Description:

The Fairy Pitta is a bird indigenous to Japan and South-East Asia. I lived in a Japanese prefecture where this bird is the regional mascot, and I have taken so much inspiration from this bird's sweet face, bright colors (the name literally means "eight-color bird"), and keen spritely nature. Look at this bird! How is it possible that something so cute and colorful exists? I thought that this bird would just look really cute as a big, round, Squishy ball of joy, especially with big bright eyes and its stumpy tail! I know I want to cuddle one, don't you?

About the Designer:

Stephanie S.

I have been drawing for fun since I was very young, and it has been one of my lifelong hobbies. I am often inspired by birds, especially owls (my favorite animal), food, and unique or quirky situations. Recently I have really enjoyed working on posters and sketches for groups that I am involved with, and I wanted to carry over that passion to something that I have always enjoyed, Squishables! Someday, I would love to hug something that I had an integral part in designing.

Talk about this design!
Talk about this design!
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