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Squishable Dumbo Umbrella Octopus by Melodyanne C.

Squishable Dumbo Umbrella Octopus

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Voting is Over

Squishable Dumbo Umbrella Octopus

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Artist's Description:

Dumbo the Umbrella Octopus is just a little bit shy! Dumbo is the common name for this little guy, whose rounded 'ears' set him apart from all other octopuses. He flaps those to float above the ocean floor and move in different directions, including straight into your arms for a snuggle if you don't scare him off!

About the Designer:

Melodyanne C.

I'm just a college student in an eternal love affair with Squishables, trying her hand at doodling Squishables for the first time. I don't actually have an artistic background, I just draw for fun! :)

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Talk about this design!
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