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Squishable Dragon Hatchling by Kassy A.

Squishable Dragon Hatchling

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Voting is Over

Squishable Dragon Hatchling

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Artist's Description:

This hatchling is so silly, it can't get out of his egg! But, at least it's excited to see you! Take very good care of it so it can grow big and strong like you one day! Maybe when it's bigger it can fly you to school, or breathe fire on those pesky backyard weeds Mom's been nagging you about!

About the Designer:

Kassy A.

My name is Kassy, AKA, RainbowCupcakeMonster! I am a comic book artist and character designer that loves animals, toys, creating comics and toys, playing videogames and skateboarding. I'm currently a freelance storyboard artist for Warner Bros. In my spare time, I've been working on an independent comic book series.

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Talk about this design!
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