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Squishable Magma Dragon by Holly R.

Squishable Magma Dragon

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Voting is Over

Squishable Magma Dragon

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Artist's Description:

Round and fierce, this Magma Dragon has a fiery temper and an adorable, Squishy body. He may look grouchy and unapproachable, but once he's settled in a warm blanket before the fireplace, he'll be happier than a Dragon in... lava? Big black spikes on his back are comprised of cooled magma and are always in style! He'd look just as dashing in formal wear as a t-shirt and jeans... if it was physically possible. Believe it or not, this grumpy saurian has a heart bigger than his belly, and will prove to be a loyal friend!

About the Designer:

Holly R.

I am an artist with a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Art History and criticism. I love to draw the macabre as well as the cute and cuddly. I draw inspiration from video games as well as movies.

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Talk about this design!
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