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Pachycephalosaurus by Scott S.


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Voting is Over


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Artist's Description:

You ever wanted to have a prehistoric headbutt contest, without all the concussions? Look no further! This little dino loves to have friendly competitions with his friends. All in good fun! And if headbutts werenít enough to show his love, he LOVES cuddles too! The hard-headed herbivore is looking for a new family to call his own. A crown of 13 brown head bumps surround his thick skull, and his tiny arms are all tucked in and ready to go! The inspiration for this Squishable was a really odd dinosaur, seemingly specifically built for a single purpose: to headbutt. Also, taking a very long creature and making it cute and squishy was a great challenge.

About the Designer:

Scott S.

Hi! Iím a Floridian, moved from NY to my current home in Tampa with my awesome wife Amanda, our cat Freya and our pug Darth Vader. I love toys, and have many collections. My biggest passion is Transformers (with hundred of figures), but of course I have my fair share of Squishables too! In terms of art, Iíve always loved to draw; comes from my mom who was an animator. That and my love of Disney parks. So Iíve always been drawing, and if you combine that with my toy collecting and the awesome-ness of Squishables, I just had to join this contest.

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Talk about this design!
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