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Squishable Cookie Jar by Ashlyn A.

Squishable Cookie Jar

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Cookie Jar

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Artist's Description:

For times when your parents won't allow you to snatch a cookie out of the cookie jar, THIS cookie jar will be your best friend! He will always be by your side to give the BEST hugs, as well as comfort you when you need him the most!

About the Designer:

Ashlyn A.

Ashlyn has been taking art classes all throughout her academic career. She is currently majoring in Art and Design at University at Northern Colorado. She has a pet bunny and a hamster who both love to snuggle! She also loves the color yellow, orange chicken, bees, and baby penguins! Ashlyn loves her Squishables and aspires to make new ones for others to enjoy!

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