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Squishable Robin by Angelina W.

Squishable Robin

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Voting is Over

Squishable Robin

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Artist's Description:

The Robin Red Breast. It's a cute and brave little bird, but also becoming rarer to see these days. You're lucky to see one, but when you do, it doesn't fly away like other birds do, in fact it'll wait and see if you have any food for it. They're associated with Christmas and can be found on cards, wrapping paper, and tree decorations.

About the Designer:

Angelina W.

Drawing has always been a hobby of mine. I enjoy drawing cartoons, so much so that I studied animation at university, which was fun! I enjoy drawing cute characters and someday hope to be able to design characters for other people. Critter-wise, Iím particularly fond of bunnies but I also like insects for their unique designs. I do love have a soft spot for any cute animals though. =)

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Talk about this design!
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