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Squishable Berriphant by ElleandHinn

Squishable Berriphant

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Voting is Over

Squishable Berriphant

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Artist's Description:

munch munch you've heard a munching noise coming from the strawberry patches. Was that the infamous strawberry thief that's been pestering everyone? Trembling in fear you take a stick and slowly make your way towards the noise. Wait...that's not a thief! That's an elephant! A strawberry loving elephant! This elephant loves strawberries so much it eventually grows strawberries on its own! We've decided to call them the berriphant and feed them strawberries daily. In return, berriphant blesses the strawberry patches and soon the patches bore big and sweet strawberries!

About the Designer:


Hinn & Elle! Partners in crime! Creating squishables like there's no tomorrow! An inseparable duo from Malaysia and Singapore!

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Talk about this design!
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