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Squishable Pink Axolotl by Amelie C.

Squishable Pink Axolotl

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Pink Axolotl

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Artist's Description:

This goes out to all the socially awkward salamanders out there who don't want to grow up! If you're into adorable and/or obscure amphibians, reptiles, or other odd animals, chances are you're familiar with this salamander! The Axolotl almost always spends its life in its aquatic baby form, though it's capable of turning into an adult amphibian. They come in a host of adorable colors, especially pink! Show off your love of cute critters with this adorable pastel animal design.

About the Designer:

Amelie C.

I'm a literature student who loves drawing but also everything cute and huggable!

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