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Squishable Arapaima by Judith G.

Squishable Arapaima

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Voting is Over

Squishable Arapaima

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Artist's Description:

Large and in charge at home in the Amazon, Arapaima didn't learn how to breathe air JUST to travel, but it sure makes it easier! In fuzzy and huggable form, Arapaima would love to keep you safe from pesky piranhas, crabby crustaceans, and other delectable delights. Oh, you don't have those here? Arapaima also loves cuddles!

About the Designer:

Judith G.

Serial scribbler and fervent fan of all the far-flung fauna in this wide, weird, wonderful world. I've had lots of practice turning improbable animals into cute doodles and I love huggable things; what else was there to do but submit a Squishable?

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Talk about this design!
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