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In-Process Designs

How Does This Work?!
A potential design sketch gets approved! We simplify the design and get it ready for the prototype process.

The fabricators sew a first draft! We make changes to:
1. The features and body! It will need to be updated and simplified once we see how the seams fall on the 3D version.
2. The eyes! These often have to change from plastic to different types of embroidery, and back again, depending on how they sit on the fur.
3. The colors! Colors that look great on paper often look different when seen with the shine and shadow of fur. They almost always need to be tweaked, or changed completely!

If the design still doesn't work after a couple of rounds we'll file it away for now. Otherwise, the design is approved! It takes about three months from approval until the final Squishables are ready for your hugs!
Currently in Prototype:

Squishable Piggy

In Process!
Squishable Shika Deer

Squishable Hen

In Process!
Squishable Jackalope

Squishable Angha

In Process!
Squishable Barn Owl

In Process!
Squishable Shark Ray

In Process!
Squishable Cloud

In Process!
Squishable Sushi Roll

In Process!
Comfort Food Hot Dog

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