The 2017 Video Contest is over, and we have some amazing winners!!! Thank you to everyone who joined, there were so many amazing submissions! Our first prize winner gets a full-sized Squishy and a one-of-a-kind Squishable Cthulhu purse! The elder god wants to carry your books! I would never joke about such a thing!! Our two second prize winners get a Mini Squishable! And runners up get a Micro! And without further ado....the winners! You can also take a look at previous year's winners!

1st Place: 'Squishables!!! A Tribute to....'
2nd Place (tie): 'Cereal'
Tie: 'Who Ate Spoon's Ice Cream'
Runners Up!
Best Stop Motion
Catchiest Tune
Best Use of Crayon
Most Enthusiastic
"Squishables! A Tribute to..."

Other Notable Squishy Entries!
Squishable Carousel
Mint Makes a Friend
The Squishable Quartet
The Power of Squishables
Squishable Theme Song
Why You Need a Squishable
Squishable Addiction
The Squishable Talent Show
The Quest for the Magic Sandwich
Sweet and Tart Cherry Pie

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