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We're not currently accepting Squishable 2D Pillow designs, but we'll be sure to announce when entries are open again!

Squishable 2D Pillow! Someone's gotta design them, why not you? Here's how it works: submit your design and, if it gets accepted, the Squishy Community will vote on which will go on to prototype! The winners get fame and (a reasonable amount of) fortune! And, if we can make it work as a prototype, we will add it to the Squishable 2D Pillow line! Are you a designer? Cool! Are you an artist who has never designed a pillow before? Awesome!

How do I submit a pillow design?
  1. Check out a Pillow design template!
    Designs can be created using any 2D medium but the final version must be submitted as a maximum-quality flattened .PDF. Take a look at a template below for help with how to lay it out. Be sure to pick the template for your tool of choice! The final artwork must be at least 300 dpi, 18x18" with an extra 0.25" bleed on every side. It also needs to be less than 10MB to be accepted by the system
  2. Read the requirements carefully
    Before you start brainstoming the perfect design, note that not every drawing can be made into a pillow! A design will be automatically rejected if:

          Something's wrong with the art

    The artwork is not in the right file format - we can accept only flat, high-resolution .PDF files

    The artwork is not in the right dimensions - the artwork file should be at least 300 dpi, 18x18", with an extra 0.25" bleed on all sides

    The artwork quality is too rough and needs to be polished up a bit
          Something's wrong with the design

    The design is too similar to a current or past Squishable 2D Pillow design

    The design contains someone else's copyrighted character or trademarked phrase

    Any part of the design is traced or directly copied from someone else's art

    The design isn't appropriate for kids (you know what I'm talking about)
  3. Prepare and submit your design!
    Got your idea all set? Then get ready to submit it! First, make sure to read and understand the Terms and Conditions. This document contains really important information about your rights as a designer! When you're ready, use the form on the next page to submit! If you have any questions about the Terms, make sure to contact us before you do! Here are a couple highlights:

    • By submitting a design, you're affirming that it's your own work and no one else's!
    • You're promising you're over 18! I know, I know, but we'll try to have an under-18 contest at some point!
    • We have the right to reject a submission for any reason :(
    • Be nice! That means being courteous and fair to the other competitors and respecting their artwork.
  4. Voting!
    If we think that your design will make a good pillow, and if it passes all the requirements, then the Squishy fan community will vote on which designs make it into a lovely Squishable 2D Pillow! Tell your friends! Tell your fans! And don't forget to answer the questions that voters ask you on your design's page! At the end of the round, the highest scorer will be sent for prototype!
  5. If your design is prototyped as a Squishable 2D Pillow, you get...

    $100 cash!

    Your design made into a prototype!

    If we add it to the line, your designer name on its webpage!

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