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We're hiring! Woo! If you're interested in toys, art, tech, business, the internet, or just life in general then this might be the place for you!

Current openings:
  • Squishy Art Intern!
  • Artist at a Toy Company!

    Summer 2016 Art Intern!
    Location: New York City, NY
    Timespan: Immediate- August

    Squishable is pretty darn graphics intensive. The website, mobile site, marketing, photography, the Squishies themselves...there's a whole lot of art going on round here. We need someone who really knows their graphic design software, with experience in illustration or cartooning, and social media! Prohotography is also a big plus. If you're super organized and efficient, with good ideas, and can carry five cups of coffee at a time, this is the position for you! It's part time, 2-3 days during the week, and hey, you get paid! No toy design experience necessary, but extreme-excessive-borderline-pathological attention to detail is. Ability to stay calm in the face of insanity is a big plus.

    Requirements (Have-to-have's)

    • Absolutely fluent knowledge of Photoshop. Show us you can use it for graphic design, photo manipulation, and digital illustration.
    • Working knowledge of imagery for digital and print (resolution, CMYK/RGB, etc.)
    • Skill with photography. We do a LOT of picture taking around here.
    • Illustration or cartooning experience. Show us a fun but precise style, with lots of emotion and cute.
    • Meme-savvy. This is a position for someone who sneezes lolcats.
    • Social media expert - someone who really knows their Tumblr, Instagram, etc.
    • HTML and web coding experience
    • Ability to work directly on a graphics tablet (without needing to sketch and scan)
    • Experience working with a CMS, like Wordpress.
    • Experience with textiles or manufacturing

    To Apply:

    Email the following items to HireMe@Squishable.com:

    • A cover letter explaining why oh why you wanna work here.
    • Links to your Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other social media you're active on.
    • A link to your online portfolio.
    • A resume
    • We need someone as ridiculous as us. Go to http://www.squishable.com/s/gallery and choose a picture to write a funny caption about to send along with your application.

    Artist at a Toy Company
    Location: New York City, NY

    What does this role do?

    This artist is responsible for content creation and toy design at Squishable. As part of the art team they help design new toys and other products, and they create quirky, funny art for our million-strong online fangroup. They create illustrations and graphic design for our websites and marketing materials. And they are a core part of brainstorming and implementing our social strategy.

    Is this role right for me?

    This role requires:
    • Generating concepts and design for new toys and other products, working with members of the art team to critique ideas and final prototypes
    • Brainstorming, strategizing and implementing campaigns for a wide variety of social media and other marketing platforms, and monitoring each platformís advertising tools
    • Using your skills as an accomplished cartoonist, comics artist, and illustrator to make silly, engaging art
    • Using your playful take on graphic design, and your ability to mimic a number of different styles, to create images for websites and marketing materials
    • Communicating with fans, artists, customers, and clients
    • Making basic website edits in HTML, and using various task management and back-end systems
    • Making checklists and basic specs for new product designs and updates
    • Handling a constantly shifting role. We are a small and nimble company, where everyone does a bit of everything. This is a job for someone who doesnít mind staying on their toes, who can perform under tight time constraints and isnít afraid to try new things at short notice.
    • And cute stuff of course. You need to like cute stuff a lot.
    Tell me about the qualifications!

    You have at least 1 year of professional experience in some type of marketing, design, publishing, or other art-related field. You have a degree in illustration, graphic design, marketing, design technology, new media, comics, cartooning, or some other educational background which shows mastery over visual communication. You have an extensive portfolio demonstrating a range of funny and creative drawing styles and expertise using digital illustration tools and software. You can work quickly under deadline, but you can also strategize your way through larger projects. You have a funny, quirky writing style. Did I mention you have to also really like cute things?

    What are the must-have skills?
    • Expert in various styles of drawing and illustration, working both digitally and on paper.
    • Experience drawing funny things in a silly, over-the-top cartoony style
    • Absolute expert in Photoshop
    • Super social-media savvy
    • Experienced in graphic design for both digital and print
    • Basic office technology skills
    • English fluency and the ability to make terrible puns on command
    What are the nice-to have skills?
    • Experience with promotion, marketing, social media advertising, or content creation campaigns
    • Basic html and web skills, including working with a CMS
    • Experience in product design, including producing basic specs for factories
    • Experience with web analytics
    • Demonstrated skill in photography
    • Experience in the toy industry not required (but if you spend a lot of time making cat memes, thatís a big plus).
    How do I apply?

    Send the following to hireme@squishable.com
    • Your cover letter
    • Resume
    • Link to your online portfolio
    • Links to your Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and any other social media platforms you're active on

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