About Squishable Custom Plush
Do you have a logo that just isn't fuzzy enough? Or a favorite character that might look better if it was a sphere? We know that feeling, and we'd like to help you out! We make all kinds of custom plush in all kinds of shapes and sizes...from all kinds of materials!

Craving an organic-recycled-plushie made from corn, soy, and happiness? We got ya covered! Desirous of a plushie made from...plush? We can do that too! And we've got some kick-butt designers who would be tickled to help you work out the exact look you're going for.

You've Got Options!
  • Squishable-shaped round plush in 15", 7" or 5"
  • Any other kind of plush - any size, any shape! Our standard high-quality short or regular length-fur.
  • Existing squishables with custom colors or logos embroidered on them
  • 3" plush keychains, or backpack clips
  • Pillows! Square ones, round ones, shaped ones, printed or embroidered pillows in any kind of fabric or fur!
  • Patches! Your custom patch, either silicon or embroidery, on one of our 7" Squishable
Great! Get me a quote!

Send us your ideas, concept sketches, or inspiration and we'll work with you to turn them into renderings of what a plush version would look like! Our design team will go back and forth with you until we have your design looking just right.
We'll get this design into our factory, and send you a prototype! If it's not quite there yet you'll send us any updates or changes, and we'll tweak the prototype to get it just right. Depending on what colors you need we may wait for your approval on construction before we send you a last version in your final colors.
Let's do this! With your final approval, we manufacture your new plush design, design you a custom hang tag or other packaging, and take care of all labeling, safety testing, packing, documentation, and importing! We can deliver directly to you, or to our own warehouse and split up an order, whatever you like!

Sometimes-Asked Questions!

How developed does my concept need to be?
Not very! Not to brag, but our design team is the best in the business. We can turn pretty much anything into a plush. We can work with sketches on napkins, line drawings, logos, color drawings, illustrations, 3D renderings and descriptions of apparitions that came to you in your dreams. Our art team will work directly with you to turn your design into something that can come to life as a huggable plush!  We can also work with you on special hangtags and labels!

What kind of materials can I use?
If you can think it up, we can make a plush out of it! But generally we use different lengths of our signature super-soft fur, embroidery, and felt accents on our standard plush items. On our shaped pillows we can use all of those, plus fabrics such as microsuede, cotton, or spandex, all of which can be printed with patterns or images. We can also use tie-dye fur on some items, depending on the amounts and sizes.

How much will it cost?
Price depends on three things: materials, size and complexity. The bigger and more complex the item, the more it will cost! Before creating a prototype, we can provide an estimate, and as soon as we have a prototype we can quote you the exact cost.

About how long will the whole thing take?
Once you agree on a design to send to the factory, it generally takes about three weeks to get the first prototype in your hands. Each subsequent prototype takes about the same amount of time. After approval, it then takes about three months to manufacture, and another month to ship to the United States.

I need this in a rush! What can I do?
Ask us in the form to the right and we'll see what we can do for you! Some customization, like putting embroidery or adding a patch to an existing design, is faster than creating an item from scratch. In addition, air freight is available sometimes, although that option is usually most feasible for 3” backpack clips. We can also source square or rectangular pillows in the USA and deliver them in about a month.

What are your minimums?
For a 15” plush of any shape, the minimum is 1000 pieces. For a 7” plush of any shape, the minimum is 1200 pieces. For minimums for other sizes, please contact us and we can give you an estimate!

Your minimums are ridiculously low for the plush industry!
I know! Awesome, right?

Your minimums are still too high for me! What are my other options?
Reduced minimums may be available under certain circumstances, including the addition of an embroidery to one our existing products, or USA-made square pillows.

Is there a prototype fee?
Sort of! We request a $250 prototype advance fee, which will be deducted from your total bill when you place your order. It’s good for two rounds of prototyping and you get it back once you order!

Tell me about the shipping options and costs!
Sure thing! These shipping methods are free with purchase:
  1. Full container handover, FOB China.
  2. LTL/Palletized shipping to one location within the continental U.S.
  3. FedEx or UPS ground shipping to one location within the continental U.S.
  4. Not sure what any of these mean?  Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it!

    ..and for an additional fee, we can provide:
  1. Global air freight for small items
  2. International LCL delivery
  3. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, APO and FPO
  4. Shipping to multiple locations
  5. Drop shipping
If you prefer shipping by a different method, just let us know and we can work something out!

Where do you manufacture?
Our plush is manufactured in China, and some square pillows are made in the USA! All of our factories are fully certified for international safety and labor practices, and we visit them ourselves regularly!

What kind of safety testing do you do?
A lot! We test to current ASTM and CPSIA standards and provide Children's Product Certificates in accordance with U.S. law. Our product also undergoes quality control inspections before shipping from the factory. Testing and labeling for other markets, such as the EU, is also available upon request, although additional fees may apply.

I've got special packaging or shipping needs! Can you handle that?
Yup! Just let us know what you need.

I want to use these for a Kickstarter or some other crowdfunding platform. What do I need to know?
We do lots of plush for crowdfunded projects! There is only one thing to consider: we prefer you have a finalized prototype before putting a picture of your awesome plush on your campaign. It's important to us that your backers get exactly what they expect, so it’s best to have your prototype done before it goes up.

I care about the world! Is there anything I can do for charity with these?
There is! We have a partnership with KIDS (Kids in Distressed Situations) and often do buy-one-give-one products for them - for every item of a run that is sold we will donate a similar-sized plush to a child in need. If you would like to make your plush buy-one-give-one we'll put special tags so that your recipients know that they're doing a good deed. Here's some more information about it!

I have a question that is apparently not frequently asked. Can you answer it?
Sure, just drop us a line in the form at right!

Great! Get me a quote!

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