Custom Squishables!
Do you have a logo that just isn't fuzzy enough? Or a favorite character that might look better if it was a sphere? We know that feeling, and we'd like to help you out! We make all kinds of custom plush in all kinds of shapes and sizes...from all kinds of materials!

Craving an organic-recycled-plushie made from corn, soy, and happiness? We got ya covered! Desirous of a plushie made from...plush? We can do that too! And we've got some kick-butt designers who would be tickled to help you work out the exact look you're going for.
  • Branded products for corporate gifts 'n such!
  • Licensed products!
  • Specialty products for retail sale exclusively at one store!
  • Versions of our existing products re-colored or embroidered to match a logo or color scheme!
Custom Squishables generally require a minimum order of 1,000 Squishables or 1,500 Minis!

Intrigued? Drop us a note!

Current Custom Designs Available:

Alien Bunny Plush

Jonathan Rosenberg of Scenes From A Multiverse

15" Beartato Squishable

Anthony Clark of Nedroid Comics

7" Beartato Mini Squishable

Anthony Clark of Nedroid Comics

Chrome Plush Pillow

Go Gopher Plush

Dr. McNinja Squishable

Christopher Hastings of Dr. McNinja

Squishable Richard

Ryan Sohmer of Looking For Group

Snoo Plush


Snoo Face Pillow


Repeating Snoo Pillow


Squishable Snoo


Massive Snoo Bean Bag


Instant Gratification Monkey

Wait But Why

Panic Monster

Wait But Why

Mr. Webby Plush and Micro Mr. Webby

Krazy Krow of Spinnerette

Yorick Skull Plush

Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics (for To Be or Not to Be)

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