Penn State Nittany Lion
Penn State Nittany Lion
Penn State Nittany Lion

Whatís the happiest valley in all the land? Why, itís Happy Valley, of course! Fine Thanks Valley and Alright I Guess Valley didnít stand a chance!

There is a reason for the joy emanating from State College: the fact that the only lions who prowl the town wear scarves and their only prey is the opposing team! Free of natural predators, students and alumni alike can relax and enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that they sit securely at the top of the food chain! So if you find yourself in the Keystone State and a lion wants to give you a hug, first check for the presence of a scarf, then hug away! 5 squishy inches of accessorized carnivore, polyester fiber, ages 0 and up! yay_penn_state_nittany_lion_5 new

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