Undercover Bunny in Ninja
Undercover Bunny in Ninja
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Undercover Bunny in Ninja

Everyone loves to fawn over an adorable bunny! Ooh those silky ears! Ah that floofy cuteness! But what if you just need a moment to yourself? A little bit of peace and solitude? Solution: become a ninja! Clad in your stealthy boots and armed with a ninja star, you are a covert force to be reckoned with! And adorable covert force!

7 squishy inches of Bunny agent with a completely removable 7" Ninja disguise! Disguises fit Undercover Agents only, not regular Squishable Minis...although they still might! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up! undercover_bunny_in_ninja_7 new
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