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T-Rex Knitting Dudes' Shirt
T-Rex Knitting Dudes' Shirt
T-Rex Knitting Dudes' Shirt

Knitting - it's the hobby that makes the world a warmer place!! Not only does it find a use for all that yarn you inexplicably have lying around, you end up with cool stuff, like legwarmers for your puppy! Or a hat for your ferret! Or, like this crafty Coelurosaurian Theropod, a sweet sweet sweater for yourself!

If an overabundance of 'fuzzy frenzy' results in an overabundance of sleevage, well, that's just part of the joy of knitting. Roll those sleeves up! Tie them in a bow! Use them as an extra, always-there napkin! A T-Rex may have itty bitty limbs but he's huge on enthusiasm.

Also, we should note that this is a t-shirt! For dudes! Our very first, in actual fact! We've also got a version for the ladies over here!! Yay shirt!

Made of 100% combed ringspun cotton, though probably not by a dinosaur. Maybe.

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