Steamfuzz Poster
Steamfuzz Poster
Steamfuzz Poster

What's the opposite of Steampunk? Ask most people on the street and you'll get a blank stare, although a couple of folks will probably ask you, "What's a steampunk?" But keep asking long enough and someone will eventually say, "Why, what's the opposite of Victorian corsets, little copper gears, dials and brass goggles? It's big, round, fuzzy stuffed animals, of course! A soft mass of brightly-colored adorable! Squee! Gimme one!"

Steampunk, meet opposite-steampunk! We took our cuddly crimefighting team, the Fuzzy Five, and put them into a Victorian milieu! You know, the kind of milieu where folks use the word "milieu"! The result: A quantum confabulatory posterola, perfect for displaying in your parlor, laboratory or private railroad car! Bully for you!

11" x 17" poster in glossy print. steamfuzz_poster new
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