Squishable Vanilla Swirl Cupcake
Squishable Vanilla Swirl Cupcake
About the Designer
Jenna H. 3D Animator by day, Squishable freelancer by night. Huge nerd 24/7.
Squishable Vanilla Swirl Cupcake
Last Updated: 7/5/2017
Status: Approved 7/5/2017

Design Approved!
7/5/2017 - Third Prototype
Ah! It really took a lot of work, but we are SO PLEASED with how this new cupcake turned out!! Approved approved approved!!
1/5/2016 - Second Prototype
Oh this looks absolutely fabulous is a new wrapper!! I think this cupcake might only need a couple of tiny tweaks before it's perfect ^_^
8/17/2016 - First Prototype
Super cute!! And lovely colors! A little rough around the edges, but undeniably adorable!
Prototype start: 08/08/2016

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