Mini Squishable Ice Cream Sundae
Mini Squishable Ice Cream Sundae
About the Designer
Kendra W. Kendra W. is Squishable's Squishssociate of Art and Design! She likes pop music, flowers, and the color pink.
Mini Squishable Ice Cream Sundae

The Ice Cream Sundae is the subject of a love-pentagon between itself and four towns, all of which claim to be its birthplace! Oh, the drama!

Picture the scene: Ithaca, New York warily watches as Two Rivers, Wisconsin tries to chat up Sundae at a party. "You belong with me," says Two Rivers. "I even made you this plaque announcing our unique connection." Sundae blushes. Evanston, Illinois counters with a makeover montage, emerging from the dressing room confident and ready to win Sundae's heart. But who should be across the street at the florist picking up a bouquet? Plainfield, Illinois, the fourth suiter!

What's a delicious dessert to do? Baked Alaska and London Broil never had this problem!

7 squishy inches of nom nom rom com, all-new poly fill, ages 3 and up!

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