Squishable White Tiger
Squishable White Tiger
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Tara B. I love to sew and collect plush and I draw cartoons for a living!
Squishable White Tiger

Who makes the best strawberry shortcake in the whole Bangladeshi jungle? Nope, it's actually the White Tiger! It takes years to become a top baker: Thousands of cups of flour measured with those big, furry paws! Thousands of taste-checks to make sure the whipped cream is both sweet and airy! Millions of tablespoons of sugar flung around in pursuit of the ideal confection!

And they do it all without opposable thumbs! The end result is one messy tiger. The good news is that this is a White Tiger, so that decadent coating of sugar, flour, cream and icing blends right in to make a perfect camouflage of sweet, powdery goodness! This Squishable White Tiger is ready to share its delight for dessert, yet won't make your sofa cushions look like they've been snowed on!

15 squishy inches of messy big cat, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!

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