Squishable Baby Tapir
Squishable Baby Tapir
About the Designer
Jou Ling Y. I'm the creator of Amigurumi Kingdom. I've been designing cute things for over 10 years!
Squishable Baby Tapir
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I don't know where the rest of the odd-toed ungulate family of mammals got their educations, but it's pretty clear where the Tapir's degree came from: The Old School! The Tapir is all about finding a phone booth instead of texting, distrusting microwaves, and driving a stick shift! She will insist that vinyl creates a warmer and richer sound than digital streaming! She still calls it "The Austro-Hungarian Empire!"

Oh, and if you want to watch your favorite pre-reboot movie at Tapir's house, don't expect to find it on DVR. Oh, no. It's VHS only. She's a taper. 7 squishy inches of kind rewinder. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only.

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Shipping address in NY