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Squishable Sun and Moon
Squishable Sun and Moon
About the Designer
Ann F. I am a student of The Ohio State University, undecided on major. No matter what, I aim to have art included somewhere in my career! It's been a life-long thing and it isn't gonna stop. I doodle Squishable-like creatures among other things in the margins of my notes, even now in college. In a perfect world Cute Studies is a major to choose from, and my concentration would be Ugly-Cute Invertebrates :)
Squishable Sun and Moon

Quick - name two celestial bodies! If your answers include a gigantic flaming ball and a possibly dairy-based satellite of Earth, you'd have a lot of company! Finally, these two heavenly travelers are together in one huggable combo - it's a total eclipse of the awesome!

15 squishy inches of agreeable astronomy, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!

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