Squishable Hammerhead Shark
Squishable Hammerhead Shark
About the Designer
Nick D. If there's one thing this world needs, it's more cute cartoon animals. I aim to rectify that problem, mostly with comics, but also with Squishables.
Squishable Hammerhead Shark

Sometimes, when all you have is a Hammerhead, everything looks like a nail! Which is to say, when you have a Hammerheaded friend, you may think all your DIY home improvement projects are just that much closer to granite-topped, brushed-steel, energy-efficient conclusion!

Allow us to end this myth once and for all! Hammerhead Sharks cannot replace your hot water heater! They are completely incapable of installing a kitchen island or putting up wallpaper without getting little bubbles stuck under it!

Even though a Hammerhead Shark is as useless with a toolbox as a Moose with cartography equipment (trust us!), they do indeed have useful skills! For example, Sharks are fantastic negotiators! So ask a Hammerhead Shark to help you get the best price on a contractor! They'll do all the hard work while you and Hammerhead cuddle up together and stay as far away from exposed wiring as possible! 15 squishy inches of no trips to the hardware store. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! opensquish_hammerhead_shark_104473 new

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