Squishable Boston Terrier
Squishable Boston Terrier
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Jou Ling Y. I'm the creator of Amigurumi Kingdom. I've been designing cute things for over 10 years!
Squishable Boston Terrier

Do you always forget to RSVP to the cotillion? Are you confounded between the correct methods of addressing a viscount, baroness and/or pasha? Have we got the dog for you! The Boston Terrier is known far and wide as the "American Gentlemen," and not just because he never takes off his tuxedo - he's one precocious protocol pup! Whether it's a state dinner or a polo tournament, this perfect little gentleman knows the exact verbiage with which to tell the hosts, "pardon my absence, as I have already made arrangements for a social call with some big blankets, a plate of soft-baked cookies and some streaming television." 15 squishy inches of social graces. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only. opensquish_boston_terrier_117108 new

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