Mini Squishable Paul Bunyan
Mini Squishable Paul Bunyan
About the Designer
Pat H. is our resident Artist. When he's not furiously drawing all things Squishable, he's reading comics or watching cartoons, definitely like an adult.
Mini Squishable Paul Bunyan

He's a lumberjack and he's…superb, actually!

Hailing from the great Northwoods, they say he's dozens of feet tall, can fell mighty trees as if they were twigs, and has an appetite so big you need a griddle half a mile long just to make his flapjacks!

Thing is, those legends are just that - legends! Paul Bunyan, as you can clearly see here, is about as wide as a regular-person flapjack and about as tall as he is wide! That doesn't mean that he can't do a great job harvesting (sustainably, of course) all the materials needed for your chairs, birdhouses and pencils! His secret? You can get a whole lot more done with good subcontractors than your muscle alone! 7 squishy inches of fuzzy forestry. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only. mini_squish_paul_bunyan_7 new

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Paul Bunyan
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