Mini Squishable Ostrich
Mini Squishable Ostrich
About the Designer
Rachel S. is our Fall 2016 art intern, and current freelancer! When not making artwork she is probably looking at pictures of cats or buying more makeup than any one person would ever need.
Mini Squishable Ostrich

Ostriches, they know what's up! Forget the whole "head in the sand" thing, when it comes to all the world has to offer, there's no flightless bird more plugged in than an Ostrich! A great new series bubbling under the radar on some obscure streaming service? Ostrich has the scoop! Curious about new Squishable releases just around the corner? This Ostrich knows! In need of a cuddle with something soft and floofy? Ostrich is already two steps (waddles?) ahead of you!

7 squishy inches of beaks up! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! mini_squish_ostrich_7 new

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