Micro Comfort Food Grilled Cheese
Micro Comfort Food Grilled Cheese
About the Designer
Ann F. I am a student of The Ohio State University, undecided on major. No matter what, I aim to have art included somewhere in my career! It's been a life-long thing and it isn't gonna stop. I doodle Squishable-like creatures among other things in the margins of my notes, even now in college. In a perfect world Cute Studies is a major to choose from, and my concentration would be Ugly-Cute Invertebrates :)
Micro Comfort Food Grilled Cheese

Triangles! While one of the most basic shapes of geometry, they're hardly simple! From the Euclidian excellence of the Equilateral to the irrational Isosceles, triangles can contain almost infinite variations. But what if we told you we'd found the ultimate form of the triangle, one that would demand an entirely new chapter in your high-school geometry book to explain?

Behold! The Micro Grilled Cheese! A perfect pint-sized provender of Pythagorean provolone! A mighty micro muenster melt! Additional accentuating alliterative adjectives!

3 squishy inches of cheesy triangle. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!
Plastic keychain clip attached.
micro_squish_grilled_cheese_3 new

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