Mini Comfort Food Hot Dog
Mini Comfort Food Hot Dog
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Mini Comfort Food Hot Dog

The Hot Dog you know and love from a hundred blissful summer cookouts and sun-dappled baseball games is a symbol of Americana! Indeed, it's right up there with bald eagles and coming home from the moon just to realize you forgot your brand new flag up there! While it's true that the magical combination of cooked sausage and soft bun came about under the stars and stripes, the Hot Dog is really a symbol of how we are “linked” to the rest of the world!

Encased meats exist in many cultures the world over, from Spanish chorizo to Polish kielbasa to Moroccan merguez. Whatever our differences - cooked or cured, lamb, beef or pork - we can all chow down as one world, united in deliciousness! 10 squishy inches of multicultural meat. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! comfortfood_mini_hot_dog new

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