Comfort Food Candy Cane
Comfort Food Candy Cane
About the Designer
Pat H. is our resident Artist. When he's not furiously drawing all things Squishable, he's reading comics or watching cartoons, definitely like an adult.
Comfort Food Candy Cane

Why oh why must you taunt me, little Candy Cane! On one hand you'’re a delicious minty sweet I want to crunch up and slurp on! On the other hand, you’'re home decor! Seriously, am I supposed to munch on your sugary pepperminty goodness, or decorate my tree? Should I use you to stir my hot chocolate, or glue little antlers onto you as an arts and crafts project?

What'’s that? This particular Candy Cane is made of fur and stuffing, rendering it ineligible for food status? Oh thank goodness, I was facing a bit of a sugary existential crisis there.

18 squishy inches of minty freshness. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! comfortfood_candy_cane new
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