Squishable Prism Corgi
Squishable Prism Corgi
Squishable Prism Corgi

Let's say you're a cute little Corgi - stubby little legs, soulful eyes, nub of a tail - and you're just walking down the street. Suddenly you're accosted by a big old rainbow! It gives you a multi-hued hug, then races off giggling while you're left there with purple on your toes and green on your ears. What's a little Corgi to do? OWN IT. Be all like, "I'm rocking this colorful ensemble, deal with it." Then strut down the street like you don't have rainbow colors all over your wiggly little butt.

15 squishy inches of the most colorful corg! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! squish_prism_corgi_15 new
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