Mystery Squishable
Mystery Squishable
Mystery Squishable

Everyone needs a little mystique in their lives! A little intrigue! A little je ne sais quoi (I know I do)! We wanna help you out…with a Mystery Squishable! Order this item and we'll send you a random full-sized 15-inch Squishable, but we're not telling you which one! Really!

Fiddlesticks, you say? But it's true! The Squishy that arrives at your door will be lovingly selected and sent on its way to you by a trained Squishy selector! It might even be a Squishy that's retired and not available on the site! And hey, for being such a risk-taking daredevil, your secret Squish is $28.00 (Squishables are usually about $42)!

What's the catch? The catch is that you're trusting to Lady Luck to bestow her benevolent smile upon you! That means no requests for a specific animal, and no returns once you receive it (though we'll exchange it for the same Squishable if there's actually something wrong of course). When you spin the wheel of fortune, you play the hand you're dealt! And I may be mixing my gambling metaphors but you know what I mean!

It's like all the thrills and chills of Vegas, except that no matter what you end up with, you get a Squishable! Which is great!
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sale! $42
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