Mini Comfort Food Ice Cream Cone
Mini Comfort Food Ice Cream Cone
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Jenna H. 3D Animator by day, Squishable freelancer by night. Huge nerd 24/7.
Mini Comfort Food Ice Cream Cone

You might have a go-to flavor for this icy, dreamy dessert, but why pigeonhole yourself! Look at that glorious array of ice cream tubs! Ponder the possibilities! Why stop with one, when you could, in fact, go for two scoops!!! Treat yourself - this Mini Ice Cream Cone is 100% dairy-free and 100% fluff! In fact, its cuddles are more likely to soothe a tummy ache than cause one! Double up!

7 squishy inches of curable sweets! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up! comfortfood_mini_ice_cream_cone_7 new
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