Minimals by Squishable in Gray
Minimals by Squishable in Gray
Minimals by Squishable in Gray
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This design is a WeSquish! That means you control if it gets made or not! If it receives enough backers, it automatically goes into production. If not, no cards get charged! All backers get free shipping to the cont. US, and cards are only charged when the order is ready to ship! To keep things safe and secure you'll be taken to the awesome folks over at WePay to complete the process. Woo!

This is is a gray sphere. If the questions that keep you up at night have answers, it does not know them. That's okay, because some questions don't really have answers; they are just sand in the gears of your mind, grinding against your gray matter as you lay awake in bed. To repeat, it is a gray sphere.

15 squishy inches of Squishable Minimal.

Note: This Squishable came to be as an April Fool's Day joke. Yet so many of you said you liked this fluffy sphere of oblivion that we decided to bring it to life. If you actually want it, we'll actually make it. Because DEMOCRACY. This product uses the same super-soft fabric as regular Squishables, but without all the mandibles, beaks, claws, and even condiments to get in the way of a serious snuggle.

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Shipping address in NY

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